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Our Founder:

Bernice Williams-Campbell

B & D Family Funeral Services has been serving the local community in Bronx, NY for more than 16 years. Since 2000, people recognize us as a loyal, dependable, and very professional funeral company, and you can be sure that we won’t let you down in the most difficult moments. There are many choices to make in arranging a funeral or cremation, but you can count on us to guide you through these decisions. When death comes, you have to call us to come and help you with organizing everything that needs to be done. We offer a seamless, simple, and sincere approach.

As honest and professional funeral directors, we strive to be approachable, warm, and informative in our response. You can rely on us to be supportive and ensure that the care for your loved one’s remains and all other aspects of the funeral or cremation process are handled with the greatest care and respect. We arrange funerals in person or via email. So, wherever you need our services, and however you choose to get in touch with us, B & D Family Funeral Services will be there to offer you assistance in your saddest of times.


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